90 Degree Outside Miter


Stock Item

Copper 90 Degree Inside Miter
Made from 18 oz. copper
Available in: 4″, 5″, 6″, and 7.6″ gutter sizes

4″ 4.13″ 10.63″ 10.63″
5″ 5.0″ 11.80″ 11.80″
6″ 6.0″ 11.80″ 11.80″
7.6″ 7.56″ 12.60″ 12.60″

Product Description

The 90 degree outside miter is custom made to fit your project specifications and fabricated from 18 oz. copper and available in a range of sizes.

The classic beauty of copper is not the only reason people choose our half round copper gutters: they are naturally corrosion resistant, are subject to minimal expansion & contraction, and can easily last 100 years or more. A smooth half round shape promotes freer flowing drainage and less standing water, leading to very little debris collection and eliminating mosquito breeding grounds. Our gutter is deeper with greater capacity than other half round gutter systems. Paired with seamless downspout & elbows our half round gutter will keep the rain moving away from your foundation for generations.

Peak Metal Products in Raleigh, NC has been operating for over 100 years. With well over a quarter million pounds of material in stock and 18 hours of production and metal fabrication daily, we have the ability to deliver your order, often times, the next day and in some cases on the same day. We also have the skill and equipment to handle a wide variety of metals, materials and custom home residential and commercial business projects with gutters, drainage, metal trim, copper, accessories, custom parts and more.